Daizy Maan, President

Daizy is excited by enterprise driven models that exist to create social impact. She has volunteered as a legal intern in Bangkok through Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development (AYAD), held an executive role with UN Youth Victoria, is a Director at Bendigo Community Banks and recently Co-founded Zana Consulting during her internship in Tanzania. She currently leads Deakin University’s innovation and entrepreneurship program SPARK Deakin which funds ambitious entrepreneurs. In her spare time she enjoys learning Spanish, growing Spinach, pumping Punjabi tunes and eating Chia seed pudding with blueberries.

Rhiannon Drummond-Clark, Secretary

Rhiannon is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Environmental Science (Management and Sustainability).  She hopes to continue into postgraduate studies in International Aid or International Development. In addition to this she volunteers as a paralegal with the ASRC and works as a Bookkeeper. Rhiannon has always had a passion for social impact issues, particularly those affecting the global community. Her interest in social enterprise started after being introduced to Who Gives A Crap toilet paper and grew from there.

After bumping into an enthusiastic SeCo ambassador in O-Week, Rhiannon became a member and is now continuing her education into social enterprise as an active team member.

In her spare time, Rhiannon cooks in her Thermomix, tries to travels as much as her wallet will allow, and spends time playing with her two adorable doggies

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